Privacy Statement

E-Laboratory Network, LLC. (ELNw) takes every measure to ensure
your privacy and the confidentiality of any transaction – online and in
all other communication methods that we may utilize. ELNw ensures
the privacy of all visitors' information. At no time and under no
circumstances will ELNw sell, trade or otherwise disclose personally
identifiable information such as names, email addresses, or any other
private contact information without your formal written consent, unless
otherwise compelled by law.

All aspects of ELNw's testing services are considered a private and
confidential process. All records and test results are considered
confidential. Test results shall not be released for any purpose other
than relevant to that test for a specific sample and/or case without a
court order or the written consent of an individual or their legal

ELNw's staff members are specially trained to keep our customer's
information confidential. Whenever anyone calls for sample and/or
case information, ELNw first verifies that person's identity by
requesting unique information.