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E-Laboratory Network's Home & Business Collection Service with Mobile Lab
Our mobile Lab specimen collection and delivery service makes getting lab work so much easier No more waiting in line at a local out patient lab or hospital for hours just
to be stuck in the arm by and unsympathetic technician.

Our mobile Laboratory Services is available for Individuals, Doctors, Skilled Nursing and Rehab, Assisted Living facilities, and Home Health Agencies. We can offer you the
help you need from the convenience and comfort of your home or office.

One patient at a time we are changing the way patients think about lab tech and phlebotomist lab services.

Other Services:

  • Blood Pressure Check
  • STAT Collection within 4 hours text
  • Blood Glucose
  • Insurance Physicals
  • Mobile Lab Service

About Us:
  • Conveniently located in the community, where you live, work and shop.
  • Work-friendly hours, including Saturdays & Sundays.
  • You are generally in and out within 15 minutes.
  • Transparent pricing – you know the cost upfront so there are no surprise bills.
  • Custom lab requisition forms available, or your standard doctor’s order is accepted.
  • Health Saving Account credit cards accepted.

Call us now to schedule your appointment 678-834-7472, Give us a try! Get You Blood Test  Done Today!

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e accept all major credit cards

Our skilled professionals collect your specimen when and where you choose and safely transport it to the laboratory for you. Accurate blood test results start with quality
specimen collection. All of E-Laboratory Network staff are certified phlebotomists who have at least 10 years experience collecting specimens. We only hire people who
share our commitment to improving the quality of blood specimens and raising the standards of patient care.

E-Laboratory Network Phlebotomy Lab Services is driven by a commitment to enhancing the quality of patients care in long-term care facilities and provides outstanding
laboratory service. Our staff of dedicated "Lab Technician" adhere to your preferred schedule for on-site visitation. E-Laboratory Network Lab Services will also provide 24/7
STAT service when requested.

Lab Services
A standard lab order includes most blood tests, stool specimens, and urine specimens. This includes venipuncture (blood draw by a lab technician), specimen processing
and transport.

Coumadin Level Monitoring
If you need bi-weekly or monthly coumadin blood level monitoring this option is for you. We can set up a schedule to come to your home or office on the days and times you
select up to six months in advance.

Special Handling Lab Services
Some lab tests require special handling and processing. More time and special attention are needed to ensure the specimen is acceptable for testing. To find out if your lab
tests require special handling please call. The service fee varies according to your location and the complexity of the tests ordered by your doctor. This includes all glucose
tolerance tests.

Specialty Lab Kit Service
Some doctors use test kits from laboratories that specialize in certain types of testing. There are many different types of test kits and each has a specific set of instructions
for specimen collection and processing. If you purchased a lab kit online or were given one by your doctor, this option is for you.

E-Laboratory Network, LLC
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Lab Testing

Lab Testing | E-Laboratory Network, LLC | Palmetto, GA | (404) 788-2322

You may not know that probably you are exposed to a chemical that can cause damage to your health. The causes of exposure to these toxic agents can range from occupational exposure to excessive intake of dietary supplements with high
concentrations of minerals. Believe it or not, excessive exposure to these substances can lead to severe poisoning, which if not receive appropriate medical care could endanger your health and even your life. Getting professional and
reliable lab testing in Palmetto, GA, is as easy as contacting us at GA. E-Laboratory Network, LLC. We have a toxicology test that allows your doctor verify the normality of your mineral levels in blood and urine. The metabolic process of the
body also produces chemical substances collected by the blood and urine. It’s here when a toxicology test becomes an invaluable tool for a trained doctor; it allows them to discover disorders that may not yet have symptoms perceived by the

E-Laboratory Network, LLC, not only offers drug screening and toxicology tests – heavy metals included –. You also have at your disposal a wide range of clinical lab tests from the most common, until genetic tests for paternity through DNA
analysis, to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

We have made a titanic effort to specialize and train our staff so that we can provide a service of the highest quality, with accurate results. We invite you to stop by one of our lab testing clinics, so you can see for yourself that we have qualified
personnel and with the best will and training to make optimal use of all our resources, directing their efforts towards achieving our objective, that is your complete satisfaction.

Do not hesitate. Contact us and we will resolve all your doubts about our services, processes, and promotions.

We know the importance of a well done job, with the discretion and confidentiality our customers deserve.

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