“There is no safe harbor
for kids.”
Drug use in the nation’s schools is
increasing and parents are not
aware of the extent of the

Drugs and alcohol have become
so common in the nation’s middle
and high schools that for many
students, “school days have
become school daze,” the well-
known head of a leading
substance abuse research group
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Drug abuse in teens is an epidemic
in our country. Read about the stories
of these teens written by their
parents. The stories of their drug
abuse sheds light on the incredible
hold that addiction can have on a
person and how it affects not only
them, but their loved ones as well
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How Heroin is Invading
America Schools

Once a junkie's drug, heroin has taken
hold in suburbs across the country,
offering teens a hard-core high for the
cost of $10—and sometimes their lives

What have I become?" 23-year-
old Andrew Jones asked his mom
shortly before he died. "What's
happened to me?" A star high school
athlete who went on to play Division I
football for Missouri State University,
Andrew was an honors student whom
friends described as outgoing,
charismatic, and loyal. He was also a
heroin addict.
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We ignore rise in drug abuse
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By Linda Stubbs

Could this be? Me? A mother of
a drug addicted child?

While all this may seem like a
bad dream, Reality hits, it was a
peg with my name on it.

The fall from my white horse
prove to be awakening. My
bruised heart, mind and soul is
still shaking me.

It was much easier being on the
outside looking in. Now that I
am in, it's like being Daniel in the

A mother of a drug addicted
child could this be? Riding the
wave of this trial, holding my
breath to see where it's taking

This frightening path so many
had to go through. A dark weary
place, I wish I didn't have to.

But then who am I to say, what
lessons in my life should come
into play. I have to humbly
accept it, learn all I can from it
and pray.

For my Lord said, all things work
together for the good of those
who love him. This must be
understood when you find
yourself standing out upon a

It is counter productive to go
have, should have way back
value by giving God his praise
and asking for battle strategies
to help your child win over this
blazing sin.

Clothe yourselves with love,
faith and hope the word of God
do say. To be honest with you
these are the only way to cope
at the end of the day.

I am a mother of a drug
addicted child praying daily and
hoping that a deliverance is
coming in a little while.

To share your story of drug
abuse with us, please contact
Elizabeth here

my 20-year-old son Ian dead in his bed of an accidental heroin and Valium

Ian James Eaccarino was a promising college student with everything to live
for. He was bright, athletic, popular, and handsome. He was dearly loved by
his family and by his many friends. Drugs destroyed his life.

here to read more of Ian's story and struggle with drug abuse by
Ginger Katz, mother of Ian and Founder of The Courage to Speak®
Foundation, Inc.

My drug use started with Ecstasy at the age of 18. I had it all, a good
job, nice car, I was in college, had a close relationship with my family, an
incredible girlfriend and an incredible daughter. I could not ask for anything

At the age of 22, everything started slipping. I lost everything and mostly
everyone. I let drugs be my priority for a long time. I lost focus of what was
important. I turned into a person I never wanted to associate or to be with. I
lost everything" J.M.B

everything and a poem written by his mother.

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