Genetic Counseling & Testing Before Signing a
Paternity-Acknowledgement Form or Child Support Form
Dad ID After Birth
Advocates say nearly all mens sign the form without
undergoing genetic counseling or paternity testing.

they believe they are the father; sometime they
don't understand what they are signing; sometime they
hesitate to question a girlfriend's infidelity right after shes
given birth; and sometime they sign knowing full well the child
isn't theirs.

Dad ID After Birth

Dad's learn how to exercise their "Due Diligence" through the Dads ID
Program. Get register Today and receive your Dad ID Kit now. Kit is
just $29.99 when you order online.

Learn all the facts before the two (2) year window frame closes.

Know the fact to avoid getting penalize for trusting your wife or

Unearth the Truth Sooner than Later. Much pain could be avoided if
paternity was accurately established in a baby's first days.

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With DNA we can prove that he either is the father or he's not.
  • before the birth of a child and you are unmarried
  • at the hospital during / after and you are unmarried
  • at the hospital and any time after birth and you are married
  • you have no idea a baby has been born and you get a call or a
    letter afterward or even years later

The test is done on the spot and results are available in 3 to 5   
working days
  • No doctor's prescription or court order needed
  • Paternity Tests Kits as low as $29.99
  • No extra fees for separate appointments

We are an AABB Accredited Laboratory
  • a guarantee of 99.999% Results
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It can be smart to verify the truth
about Paternity before the divorce is
paternity fraud case after the divorce
paternity fraud case after the divorce
is final.
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