Home Paternity Test Kit - $199

Lab cost included, No hidden fees, Results 99.999%

A DNA Paternity test compares a child's DNA pattern with that of the
alleged father to check for evidence of this inheritance. This paternity test is
the most definitive proof of a biological relationship.

Fast & Accurate Paternity Testing made affordable for everyday people.
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Receive Your Results in 3 to 5 Business Days online or by mail.
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Prenatal Paternity Test (Noninvasive) - $1895
Testing while pregnant. Requires only a blood draw from the mother and
alleged father.

Paternity Test (Legal) - $379
Our Lab paternity test uses the Chain of Custody Forms to ensure that you receive
accurate and legally defensible results.
Receive your
results by mail
Prenatal Paternity
Court Admissible

Only requires a blood  
draw from the mother and the
alleged father.


Results in 5 to 7 days
DNA Relationship Test.

We are experts on the chain of custody and all supporting claims and custody.
Our team is very knowledgeable in this field and our AABB accredited lab is recognized as the
world leader in performing DNA tests for purposes of child support, immigration, adoption,
inheritance. We are experts on the chain of custody and all supporting claims and custody
documents that are required for legal cases.

We can assist clients with our extensive knowledge of DNA Testing services
and provide them
personal service and professional support every step of the way. We also
have“peace of mind” Informational DNA test for clients that seek the truth about a relationship
Our relationship with every client is strictly confidential. We have the utmost regard
for our clients’ privacy and follow HIPPA compliant protocol to insure confidentiality.

Our services are affordable and our standard turnaround time is four business
days after the
samples arrive at the lab. We can readily support expedited service requests
and have reasonable charges associated with one, two and three-day turnaround times on DNA
results. The hard copy results for legal cases are Notarized, signed by a Ph.D.; and come with all
supporting documentation including the chain of custody and photos submitted with the case.

Clients benefit from our convenient Local Presence and Dedication to their
Individual Needs.
Our clients can trust that we consistently provide the highest level of
service to them and that their results will always be accurate and legally defensible. Go head for
your next case that requires a Legal DNA Test contact us.