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Do you need a Paternity Test while pregnant?
.....ONLY E-Laboratory offers the BEST choice
for you....
1. Legal Paternity Test
If you need paternity test results that can be used as a legal document, then a Legal DNA Test must be
performed. Listed below are some common legal reasons that this test is used for:

• Child Support • Birth Certificate • Court Order
• Child Custody • Tax Forms • Adoption
• Immigration • Will/Estate • Other Legal Reasons

2. Home Paternity Test
If you do not need a DNA test for a legal matter — but just need a paternity test strictly for your own
knowledge — you have the option of purchasing a Home DNA Test. The tested parties collect their own DNA
samples and mail them to our laboratory. When you call to place an order, we will send you a DNA kit within
one business day and explain the step-by-step completion process. Before ordering a home test, please
consider the legal test if you believe the results will ever be used beyond personal knowledge — this way, you
won't have to purchase another test in the future.

3. Prenatal Paternity Test
If you are in need of a paternity test while pregnant E-Laboratory & DDC offers the safest, most accurate way
to establish paternity before the baby is born. Please visit our Prental Paternity Testing page for ordering
DDC is the most recommended lab by hospitals, attorneys and television! The same testing
we provide every client is featured on shows such as Maury, Dr. Phil, Dateline and The Doctors — just to name
a few.

The fastest test results in the industry! One-day turnaround time available. We can also schedule a mobile lab
appointment that will come to your home for a collection, or we can send the DNA kit directly to you.

Accurate test results guaranteed, because we're the only lab that runs every legal paternity test TWICE. With
over 3,000,000 DNA tests performed and 26 perfect inspections over the past 15 years, DDC is proven to be
the world leader in DNA paternity testing.
E-Laboratory Network Validating Genetics all over
Legal Paternity $397

RESULTS in as little
as 2-4 Days.

Additional tested
party $80
Home Paternity $199

RESULTS in as little
as 2-4 Days.

Additional tested
party $75
Information Paternity $275

RESULTS in as little as 2-4

Additional tested party $85
Immigration Management $295
plus Legal Test Fee $397
Prenatal Paternity $1810

Non-Invasive Testing
Only requires a blood draw from the
mother and the alleged father)

RESULTS in as little as 5 Days

Additional tested party $380
Avuncular Test $397

RESULTS in as little as 5 Days

Tested Parties
1 child, 1 mother, alleged father's
close relatives
Grandpartage Test $397

RESULTS in as little as 5 Days
1 Day Express Test $295

RESULTS in 1 Days
Siblingship Test $397

RESULTS in 5 Days
For a free consultation or to order a test, please call 1-404-788-2322. One of our
caring, knowledgeable case managers will review the information you provide
and guide you through the testing process

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