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Standard Test
Our standard option can be used for both legal and personal
reasons. We will provide you with the original legal documents
for your records. These documents can be used for any legal
situation including, court, social security, birth certificate
changes, etc.

dentification needed for testing
Adults must take a photo ID, such as, a driver’s license, state
issued ID, military ID, passport, etc., to the facility. Children
must have a photo ID, birth certificate or social security card.
If testing a newborn, a birth certificate or social security card
may not be available. In such cases, it is preferred that the
mother or legal guardian visit the testing facility with the child,
provide their photo ID and the hospital discharge papers. If
there is absolutely no ID available for the child in a case, we can
still provide DNA testing.

Scheduling a Test
An appointment must be scheduled for all DNA testing.  it is not
necessary for the parties participating in a DNA test to visit at
the same time. In fact, we can schedule individuals on a
different day. This will not affect the accuracy of your results
or your ability to use the results for legal purposes.
We will need the name, relationship and date-of-birth of all
individuals participating in the test, the zip code(s) and a contact
number(s). Also, if there is a specific day and/or time you are
interested in, please let us know and we will do our best to

To schedule testing, you may do one of the following:

• Call (678)834-7472 to speak with a DNA specialist.
• Email your request to dna@e-laboratory.org
• Submit the Appointment Request Form online.

How samples are collected
Samples are collected via buccal swab, which is the preferred
method of collecting a DNA reference sample. A cotton swab is
used to collect cheek cells from both the left and right cheeks
of all individuals participating in the test. The buccal swab is
non-invasive and painless for all parties involved. It is much
easier to perform on infants and small children and it is equally
as accurate as any other type of collection.

We provide results verbally, over the phone, in 3 to 5 business
days. Result times do not include the day of collection. You will
then receive the original documents via priority mail to the
address of your choice. After receiving your results verbally,
please allow approximately 5 additional business days to receive
your original documents. If you need to have additional copies
sent from our office, there will be a fee of $15 per copy.

* The above result times are typical. However, in some cases,
additional testing is required due to a particular individuals DNA.
While this does not happen often, when it does, results could be
delayed several days. This is completely out of our control and
has nothing to do with the collection or testing process. A
timely result is very important to us; however, an accurate
result is the most important.

1) What is the difference between court admissible and private testing?
The results of a court admissible test include legal documentation and, therefore, can be use in a court of law and for other legal reasons.
The results of a private test can be used only for personal knowledge and will not hold up in court. We offer both options.

2) Do you need a court order to have a court admissible test performed?
No, a court order is not required. Anyone can schedule a court admissible DNA test. In fact, many individuals have court admissible testing
performed for personal knowledge only. Remember, the results of a DNA test never expire. Although you may not need the results to be
court admissible now, you may in the future.

3) Do I need to schedule an appointment?
Yes, you must contact us to schedule an appointment. Certain paperwork has to be prepared prior to the test being performed, therefore, we
do not accept walk-ins. Same day appointments are available.

4) Do I have to pay the entire fee up front?
No. Once an appointment is scheduled, you will be required to pay at least the first half of the fee no later than 2 hours prior to your
appointment in order for us to have enough time to prepare your paperwork. The other half of your fee is due within 7 days of your test
results being ready. Although you have up to 7 days to pay the second half, we cannot release your test results to you until your balance is
paid in full. Any testing not paid for in full within 30 days will be sent to collections where additional fees will apply.

5) Can individuals getting tested be in different cities and/or states?
Yes. We offer DNA testing in every state. Therefore, the location of individuals participating in a DNA test has no bearing on the testing
itself or the accuracy of the results. There is no additional fee to schedule parties in different locations.

6) When testing for paternity, does the mother have to be tested for accurate results?
No, the mother does not have to be tested. We typically produce results with very strong support when an alleged father and child test
alone. Testing the mother may reduce the risk of getting inconclusive results. However, an inconclusive result is not common with a
paternity test.

7) What makes a test court admissible?
A combination of two things makes a test court admissible. First, the collection process; the sample collection for a court admissible test
must be performed by a neutral third party. A form of identification is required, such as, photo ID, passport, birth certificate, social security
card, etc. Also, a photo is taken of all parties participating in the DNA test.
Second, the laboratory performing the DNA test must be an AABB accredited facility. All of our testing is performed by accredited

8) How are samples collected for DNA testing?
The standard, and preferred, collection is a buccal swab. This procedure involves the use of a cotton swab to collect cheek cells from the
inside of both the left and right cheeks of all parties being tested. This method is safe, painless and very effective. Other samples that can be
used include blood, hair, finger nails, toe nails, etc.

9) Can a paternity test be performed before a child is born?
Yes; a non-invasive blood sample from the mother and a buccal swab sample from the alleged father; which can be collected any time after
12 weeks of pregnancy.

10) How old must a child be to participate in a DNA test?
There is no minimum age for a child to be tested.

11) Is it possible to determine if a deceased person is the father of a child?
Yes. There are a few options. We can perform a test using a parent of the alleged father or sibling of the alleged father, if available. Also, a
paternity test can be performed using a sample containing the alleged father’s DNA, such as, blood, hair, finger nails, toe nails, etc.

12) Does insurance cover DNA testing?
No. DNA testing for the purpose of establishing paternity, maternity or any other relationship is not a health related test. There are no
diagnosis or CPT codes available, which are required by insurance companies. Therefore, they are not covered by any form of health

13) Do you offer mobile collections?
Yes. However, it depends on your location. Many times, we have a mobile collector available. Typically, there is an additional fee for a
mobile collection. The fee varies depending on the distance the collector needs to travel.
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