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The 25 Reasons:

1.        Is a woman trying to break-up your relationship by saying the man you are engaged to marry is the father of
her child?
2.        Is someone accusing your husband of being the father of her child?
3.        Do you wonder why you look different from your siblings and you would like to take a DNA Test to find out
4.        Are you being accuse of a child that you know is not your child?
5.        Is the father of your child suddenly denying he is the father of your unborn child?
6.        Are you going through a divorce and your lawyer is requesting that you establish paternity of your child?
7.        Do you need to establish paternity rights due to an inheritance?
8.        Are you adopted and now desire to find and identify your” real” mother or father?
9.        Is the father of your child deceased and your need to establish a biological relationship?
10.        Have you found and identify your sibling and you want to validate a biological relationship?
11.        Do you want to find out if you and an identify person has the same biological father and mother?
12.        Are you being denying custody or visitation access to your child and need paternity validation?
13.        Do you have a pending insurance claim that requires legal proof of paternity relationship?
14.        Do you work in a high risk environment and need a DNA Genetic Profile Test Preformed?
15.        Do you need to establish legal paternity for a child support pending case?
16.        Do you want to secretly do a paternity test on your child without anyone else knowing?
17.        Are you pregnant and need to find out who is the father of your unborn child instantly?
18.        Have someone told you that a women is having your baby in 6 months from now?
19.        Do you think your spouse is being unfaithful and having an affair?
20.        Do you want to know what part of the world you are from?
21.        Do you want to know your genetic makeup and where you’re Ancestors were from?
22.        Have you been trying to lose weight for years and have no success?
23.        Do you need a paternity test, but; the father of your child is not available?
24.        Are you a grandparent who wants proof that a child is your grandchild?
25.        Do you need a legal form of evidence in order to convince a court that a biological relationship does exist?
If yes to any of these questions come visit E-Laboratory Network for a Free Private
Consultation or call us toll free at: 1-844-303-1510.
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The screening offer a 4 test package to throughly check you for risks of stroke, cardiovasular disease and other chronic conditions.