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Palmetto DNA Testing Center
DNA Testing in the South Fulton Area is Fast, Easy and now Affordable!
Local DNA Identification Testing Servicer. We are a DNA verification focus laboratory who test cases and
renders DNA test results. We take time before and after the results to speak with each participates. Call
now for your free genetic 10 minutes consultation at: 404-788-2322 or schedule online at:

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Private sample collections & Confidential results within 3 - 5  business days. AABB Accredited
Laboratory Results, 99.999% Accurate Results, Mobile Lab unit available by request.

Paternity Testing                                      Immigration Testing


Prenatal Testing                                       Infidelity Testing
577 Main St, Palmetto, GA 30268
678-834-7472 PH

Online Scheduling: www.anydnalabtest.com

MONDAY - FRIDAY / 8:30 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.
WEEKENDS / 10:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
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Paternity testing is a scientific test design
to determine whether an individual in
question could be a true biological parent
of the child.
A DNA relationship test can be used to
identify a biological relationship with a family
member for the purposes of citizenship.
These are always Legal DNA tests and can be
paternity, maternity, full-sibling ship, or
half-sibling ship.
Non-invasive procedures are used in the vast
majority of prenatal paternity determinations
because the procedures involve no risk to
the fetus since there is no invasion of
uterine/placental integrity.
An infidelity test is performed to compare at
least one alternative sample (such as
clothing) with a reference buccal swab from
a person. All infidelity cases must include an
Infidelity Test Consent Form.
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Siblingship Testing
To determine with absolute certainty
whether two people or siblings are
biologically related is the parent-child
relationship test. The results of a siblings
ship test will determine whether they are
more or less likely to be related based on
the genetic material exhibited by each
person and the result will determine a
siblingship index.
Predisposition Testing
The purpose of this molecular genetic test
tested is carrying mutation(s) predisposing
you to or causing the specific diseases or
conditions covered by the test. This report
is provided to you for informational and
replace a visit to a physician, nor does it
replace the advice or services of a
Seniors Supportive Services
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